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 Old Style Woodwork
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Here are some photos of past projects.  Just click on an image to start a slideshow.
Walnut with Walnut Burl Drawer Front and Curved Glass built to display sculptures by Frederick Hart.
Curved Glass and Walnut Burl Doors Cabinet built to display a silver chest with great sentimental value
This is a replica of a Professor Carl Malmsten (famous Swedish furniture designer) chair.  White oak was used and the table was designed and build by us to match the chair.
Teak China Cabinet built for 120 degree corner
Oak and Walnut Burl Modern Grandfather Clock
Stained Quarter-sawn White Oak Display and Storage Cabinets
A 3D Wall Mural of the Oseberg Viking Ship. The mural is 27' long and 6'6" high, just under 1/2 the size of the original ship which is in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. This representation is at the Scandinavian Centre in Calgary.
3D Viking Ship Wall Mural. The original ship dates from around 800AD.
3D Viking Ship Aft View